Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Box poem

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This week week in rimu we have been working on making our own poems. This is my Box poem. We had to add a lot of different sentences in our poem. I have included personification, Alliteration, Metaphor and similes.  Hope you enjoy.

I will put in my box
The raging loud voices of a ridiculous volcano,
The silent room of a sleeping baby,
And the sound of zachary zuppizich’s great voice.

I will put in my box
Impossible and amazing dream,
All of the premier league teams,
And the shiny sun's beams.

I will put in my box
The jewels from the deepest mines,
colours of the wildlife,
and the summers deepest seas.

I will put in my box
The sound of a giant waterfall, throwing water off the edge,
The sound of waves crashing onto a beach,
The awesome shines of the northern lights,

I will put in my box
The 13th month,
The 5th season,
The 8th day of the week.

I will put in my box
The screaming sound of the tree branches at night,
The hair of a hairy horse,
The heart of gold,
A rugby ball as bright as the sunshine.

Monday, November 20, 2017

A&P Show

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I woke up feeling really excited. I had breakfast and then hopped into the car. When we came to school, we got ready to go. I went with Isaac, Zach and Cayde. Trudi (Cayde’s mother) took us in her car and stayed with us as a helper for our group.

When we got there, we had to walk for a bit before we got to the entrance. There were lots of cars there. We first went to the dirtbikes. There were lots of people doing tricks on their bikes. I was really impressed.
I then got some hot chips for lunch. We tried some of the foods in the food village and it was very yummy. Overall, I had a really enjoyable experience and I will definitely go next year with my friends or family.
I was taken by surprise when I got there because there were a lot more people than I had expected.
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Tuesday, November 7, 2017


This is my story I write yesterday. It is based on this video. We only watched to when she saw the clouds. Then we started to talk about the story and what a narrative is. We then went and planned our story then we write it. This is my one. Please give me feedback and be specific. 

The RainMaker

I was looking around, trying to find clouds. No sign of any life around me. The fuel was really low. I could see smoke coming from the plane engine so I decided to come down to a place that was once filled with water. But now was the driest place on earth. Everywhere you look there was sand and cliffs. There were old ships lying around. My family had made a somewhat livable place.

It all started when we were on a small plane, flying from New Zealand to london for a holiday when all of a sudden mid-flight, the engine failed. Everyone else didn't survive. Luckily we all survived. me, my mum, my dad and my sister and little brother. Luckily we used the parachutes to make a tent on the side of a broken down submarine. We were also using fuel from the submarine. It was also giving us shade.

We used the plane’s food supply. There isn't much food left. My dad fixed the plane engine because he is an engineer. There is also a watch tower next to us. My dad stays in the tower all day looking for clouds.

Looking for any signs of live, I was checking my surroundings. We needed to find some water as soon as we could. That's when I heard Dad yelling with joy. He was pointing to something from the watchtower. He was pointing to a cloud. I could hear my dad voice. He was really happy like everyone else. But it wasn't too big. It was coming our way. It was a really small one, was it enough to make rain?...

Friday, October 20, 2017

Uru Manuka Logo

This is my Uru Manuka Logo design. There is a competition in the Uru Manuka cluster to see who can make the best logo that represents Uru Manuka for 2018. Can you give me some feedback and I will surely reply to you all. I used Canva to make My logos. 
Here is a link to canva:


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

My maths DLO.

Today for maths we had to create a DLO on something to share on your Blog. I did mine on a way to solve addition problem solving.   

I made mine as short as I could so it doesn't become boring for the viewers.

How can I make this better?
let em know in the comments Section.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Student ToolKits

On wednesday some of the Rimu student went to Hornby Primary to share our learning with other students in the Ura Manuka cluster. I worked with Cayde, Lauren and Mika. I also learnt how to use Stop Motion and how to make a google sites. I will use stop motion and google sites for my learning in the future.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

My timetable Term 3

This term we are focusing on sticking to our own timetable. You can see my goals at the top of the sheet. You can also scroll across to see what I'm focusing on and why. This term I am looking forward to Friday Sport and and Tech on friday. I am making a speaker in the woodworks class at Tech. I have also been focusing on finishing my Digi Awards. I have finished my speech and am ready to share it with the class. I am also working on a Cantamaths project with Isaac, We are making a T-shirt out of cards and tape.